Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Elements of Parmcharm 

I have been scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef, strolled the beaches of Dunk Island, and understood the inspiration for Banfields “Confessions of a Beachcomber.” (I have nothing to confess, other than the sand was really hot.)

After 10 years of addiction, I quit smoking and ran a 4hour 19minute marathon.

I have attended college, and was the first on both sides of my family to graduate. Refusing to be dismayed by my college counselor, I came to New York and became a copywriter. Then a television producer. Then a well equipped freelancer.

In a quirky concert tour which included Whitehall, Michigan, I jumped on stage with Molly Hatchet and sang my heartfelt rendition of “Flirtin’ with Disaster.”

I have been awed, humbled and moved to tears by the remnants of our unimaginable history, on display and brought to life at Check Point Charlie.

I have hit a home run, held the hand of a man as he exhaled his last breath, chased down the perp who exposed himself to me.

I have lived to tell about the night I drank six chocolate martinis.
And learned the importance of moderation and cab drivers.

I’ve been a bridesmaid for the same bride more than once. I have learned that friendship is the most valuable component of love. And that break-ups always suck. And that crushes are best when kept as fantasies.

I’ve come to believe that the laws of physics explain everything; that gravity is not to be taken for granted (as dancing just wouldn’t be the same without it) and that our eyes deceive us more than we know.

I’ve sold crème brulee to Paul Shaeffer, pulled mussels from their shell, sailed two of the seven, rode on the back of a motorcycle with an opera singer but without a helmet.

I have not yet been a Starter Wife.

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