Thursday, July 12, 2007

Soap for Peace! 

South Korea fuels the threat of Nuclear War (which should always be capitalized because it appears so much more scary). They make a great portion of their income by selling these toxic supplies to their unstable and unpredictable neighbor in North Korea. In the 21st Century, there’s got to be a less detrimental way to earn their keep and fuel their economy. I’m from Grand Rapids, MI where a lot of my married friends now make a good living by selling Amway products. It’s very helpful. The Amway products are top grade, Earth-friendly, and a staple in most laundry rooms. So if South Korea is looking to keep their comfy standard of living, let’s knock on their doors and hand them some literature. Obliterate the threat of a war that would end all wars. Get them to become Amway distributors. Imagine. Not just a world that’s more safe, but one that smells nice and clean too.


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