Saturday, July 23, 2005

No Such Thing As Little Choices 

So, I’m in “Wild Oats,” the Nashville answer to organic markets. This kid, girl about… oh let me go ahead and say she was 6; fierce blond curls hopelessly tucked behind her ears, wearing khaki shorts and purple converse high tops. She was furiously searching the cereal isle. She’s pointing, scanning and reading while striding with an intent that was palpable, clearly on an important quest. Having reached the end of the suchrose-sweetened, high-fiber, gluten-free, and other organic, vegan cereal mutants, she stops. Shaking that curlicue head, she plunges both hands deeply in her pockets and, demanding of anyone who might hear, “Now where do you think they put the one with all the little blueberries? Huh? Where’s that one? Show me!”

I stood there laughing, quietly applauding her little girl authority in the world. Made me
wonder just when I stopped putting so much importance on the cereal decisions in life and why I stopped demanding help from others in pursuit of the things I want.

I briefly entertained the idea of encouraging her to try a new one. We don’t always get the cereal we really want; with so many cereals to choose from, surely there’s another that she’ll learn to enjoy as much as the one with little blueberries. But I was too busy cherishing the moment. With pluck like that, she’ll probably never settle for less than she wants. And I had to wonder, who was it that once encouraged me to let go of what I wanted and settle for a replacement?


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