Tuesday, March 02, 2004

I Gotta See Those Boobs! 

So one day my new friend, Mr. Editor Man, was telling me about the time he and his fiancée went to New Orleans. They were scouting for the place where their upcoming nuptials would take place, romantic cat that he is. So Mr. Editor Man was tending to his soon-to-be in-laws when he wonders what’s become of Mrs. Editor Man. He steps outside to see his par amour being felt up by two chicks. He was caught in two minds at one time, “Oh my god! Her parents are here!” and “Oh my god, that’s hot!”

He excuses himself for a minute and sullies over to his little lady and her two admirers. These passers-by had been attracted to his missus and approached with an innocent inquiry, wanting to examine her rack. She, being open minded and deeply secure, granted them access with pride.

The part of his story that struck me was the fact that two lesbians, presumably no strangers to the female form, who live in New Orleans, home of Mardi Gras and rampant nudity, were in a stupor over his woman’s tits. So I said to him, “I gotta see those boobs!”


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